Steve Smith says No Comparison Between Newton/Tebow

Welp, Steve Smith has opened his mouth again, and this time I agree with him.

In a story by Steve Reed of the Associated Press, Smith stated that in a few years there will be NO comparison between Tebow and Newton.  None.

If Tebow is standing next to me I would tell it to his face – come check me out in five years, Jack, and you’ll know who’s the best quarterback

Steve mentioned many other things, crediting Tebow on being a great athlete, but not much else.  Say what you want about Smith’s mouthing off, but at the end of the day, he’s most vocal when he’s right, and I’ve got to agree, he’s right.

I know you can’t start using “what ifs” and “but put him here” scenarios when crediting QBs, and the records are what the records are, Newton is 4-9 overall, Tebow is 8-3, but numbers are numbers.  Newton may become the first QB in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards and rush for over 500 (557 rush right now, needs 427 yards in the final three weeks to break the record), while Tebow may be one of the few to give his team a playoff spot after winning only 1 of their first 5 matches.

But let’s not get too carried away on the Tebow band wagon, the Broncos are 1st in rushing, but 31st in passing, ahead of only Jacksonville.  What makes Tebow’s run special is the fact that he doesn’t turn the ball over because he doesn’t have to unload it 25 times a game.  He’s throwing an average of 22 passes a game, a number that was inflated by his last outing with 41 passes,  and the DET loss with 39, averaging 6.52 yards per attempt.  Add to that he’s played inferior offenses over his run that haven’t been able to amount much of anything, including stints against a recently-retired Carson Palmer, Tyler Palko, Sanchez, Christian Ponder and most recently Caleb Hanie and Marion Barber.  John Fox, Matt Prater, and the Denver defense all deserve some praise too.

While you can’t take these wins away from Tebow, wins are wins and he pulled his team back in the 4th quarter each time, it’s not like he’s going up against insurmountable odds.  His last big task before the season’s end is the Patriots and their last ranked passing defense, the same one that let Rex Grossman hang 10 on them, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tebow unloaded for 350 this Sunday.

On the opposite end you have Cam Newton, with a defense decimated by injuries.  He was able to come in and spark Carolina’s offense to something we haven’t seen since Delhomme’s last healthy season, and while it hasn’t produced many wins, he hasn’t necessarily been blown out.  Eventually he and his teammates will learn to grab these wins at the end of games, and there’s no doubt Carolina is a team to watch for next year.

We’ll all see where the Tebow train goes, after New England they have Buffalo and Kansas City, and if they hold on to win the AFC West, their first round opponent will more than likely be Pittsburgh.


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