Low Ceilings Volume 1 and 2 – Tracklist and Download Links

A few people asked me on twitter where they could get the original Low Ceilings, and with it being 2 years since we first released it, I thought to myself “why not”.

The project originally started out as a parody mixtape (see Best Chinese Ever Had), but we couldn’t think of enough songs so ATL and LB started freestyling.  Eventually we made enough tracks to produce one, really, really, really messed up mixtape.  A second edition followed, download links are below.

LOW CEILINGS Vol. 1 (Released Dec 2009)


1. Low Ceilings Intro – “Duce”

2. All The Way Bama – ATL

3. P.A.S.S. (Fire Safety Song) – Flip Earl and ATL

4. Dead Wrong Freestyle – El Beezy and ATL

5. Fresh – Dungeon Royalty

6. Smackin My H*** (Skit) – El Beezy

7. Made From Concentrate – ATL, Flip Earl and El Beezy

8. We Straight – ATL and Haruskii

9. Popular Demand – ATL, Cheezesammich, Flip Earl, El Beezy

10. Heat – ATL

11. Sammy Sossa – Cheezesammich, Chris Nasty, ATL, C-Teezy

12. Bulls*****n’ – Dungeon Royalty

13. Best Chinese Ever Had – Duet by El Beezy and Cheezesammich

14. Duce Christmas Classics (Skit)

15. Jackin 4 Beats 2009 – ATL, Chris Nasty, Cheezesammich, El Beezy

16. Go Go Power Rangers Freestyle (Outro)

17. Ramblings of the Mind – Dungeon Royalty (Bonus)

Greatest album cover of all-time

LOW CEILINGS Vol. 2 – The State vs. Larry Langford


1. Exhibit Low Ceilings

2. Guess Who’s Back

3. Lyrical Genocide

4. Moderately Attractive Females

5. Ass and Titties (Symphony)

6. Shook Ones

7. Armpit Leakage

8. Fish N****

9. ATL Gets Distracted (Break)

10. Pregnant Lady

11. Chilly

12. Exhibit A – Headed to the B Interlude

13. Headed to the B (Interlude)

14. No Ninjas Dancing Right Now

15. STFU Rob Base

16. Street Sharks

17. What We Do

18. Justin 4 Beats

19. Low Ceilings 2 Outro

20. Camp Lo Freestyle (Bonus)

21. Fur In My Cap (Greatest Freestyle in the History of Mankind) (Bonus)




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