Should The Raiders Turn Back To Campbell?

When Campbell went down with a collarbone injury and Carson Palmer was brought out of retirement, the Raiders looked as if they would be okay during their playoff run.  After all, the Chargers were headed south, the Chiefs were a wreck, and the Broncos were still 1-4, so it looked like as long as they didn’t turn the ball over they would be fine.

Then suddenly the Broncos put in Tebow and turned things around, Palmer started throwing interception after interception and McFadden got hurt.

Palmer has thrown 13 INTs and has a 3-3 record, compared to Campbell’s 4-2 mark with only 4.  Campbell was not placed on IR, leaving open the possibility of his return, especially if Palmer continues to struggle.

The 4 INT performance against Green Bay has Raiders fans talking, and if Hue Jackson feels like Palmer just doesn’t have it back yet, should he go back to Campbell once he’s healthy? Even if he was shy on pulling the trigger, he didn’t turn the ball over, would you rather have an offense that will give you field position at the least or take your chances with Palmer?



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