Jim Mora Jr. Hired As UCLA Head Coach

Remember that guy who coached the Falcons and Seahawks? Yeah, and his dad had that “PLAYOFFS” rant? Yeah, well UCLA has now hired him to be their new Head Coach, and will make a formal announcement today regarding it.  Mora was 26-22 as an NFL Head Coach, with a 5-11 record his sole season as Seahawks Head Coach before being replaced by former USC Coach Pete Carroll.  He has done work for the NFL Network between head coaching jobs, and will replace Rick Neuhiesel who was 21-29 in his four seasons.

Not sure how Mora Jr. will do in the college ranks, but it does seem perfect for him, when he took the Atlanta job he may have been just slightly in over his head.  He’s not necessarily a rah-rah type coach, but he does seem to let the players be themselves, and that is one of the few things I liked about him during his tenure.  He could be an excellent recruit and I’m sure he’ll hire the right staff to get things going over there at UCLA.  Can’t wait to see what he does.



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