Week 14 Picks, Week 13 Pick Results

Week 13 Pick Results:

Chris: 12-4

Ryan: 9-7

Daniel: 9-7

Rod (Guest Picks): 10-6


Overall Standings:

Chris: 110-49 (Missed Weeks 2,5)

Daniel: 126-64

Ryan: 127-63


Week 14 Picks:

Thursday Night Football

Cleveland Browns (4-8) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3)

The Browns have been a disaster this year, especially on the offensive and they’re coming off a game where they were absolutely blasted by Baltimore.  Meanwhile, Pittsburgh is 9-3 and fighting with the Ravens for an AFC North crown….or that #5 AFC Seed, either or.   It’s more than likely going to be a lopsided affair, the Browns have failed to score over 20 points during any given game this season, and host the 24th ranked passing game, 30th ranked rushing attack, and a 30th ranked run D to counter their 1st ranked passing defense.  Yup, have fun stopping Rashard Mendenhall.

Picks: ALL – PIT

Houston Texans (9-3) @ Cincinnati Bengals (7-5)

Regardless of what happens, the Bengals 2011 campaign will be looked at as a success, not to many people had them situated with 7 wins 3/4 of the way through the season and a possible playoff appearance.  In order to keep their dreams alive, Cincinnati would preferably need to win out, or maybe 3 of their final 4 which includes Houston, St. Louis, Arizona and Baltimore.  So the Bengals will need to upset a team that they “shouldn’t” beat, meaning they either pull off the upset this week, or beat Baltimore Week 17.  Houston on the other hand is on their way to the best season in franchise history, as one more win would put them at 10-wins, the most since their inception in 2002.   They also have a shot at the #1 AFC Seed, with New England and Baltimore being the other two candidates, the Texans have signed Jeff Garcia to replace Kellen Clemens as the team’s #3.

Picks: ALL-HOU

New Orleans Saints (9-3) @ Tennessee Titans (7-5)

The Saints will march into Nashville to try and solidify their stronghold on the NFC South by knocking off the emerging Titans.  The Saints are two games ahead of Atlanta, who fell to Houston last week, and will win the division as long as they stay two games ahead.  This won’t be an easy task as they have to face a Titans team on the road who seem to have hit their stride, Chris Johnson has ran for over 120 yards in 3 of his last 4.  Add to that the fact that Hasselbeck is having a stellar season and you have a team that could upset the Saints.  If the Titans can pull off the win they have an inside shot at the 6th-seed in the AFC seed, that’s IF they can pull off the win.

Picks: NO (Chris, Daniel); TEN (Ryan)

Atlanta Falcons (7-5) @ Carolina Panthers (4-8)

The Falcons playoff hopes took a shot last week when they lost to the Texans on the road.  They stay on the road and travel in division to Carolina who can knock off any team at any time and are better than their 4-8 record implies.  Atlanta needs to stay on their toes if they want to slide into the postseason, as one more loss and they could be sitting at home come January.

Picks: ALL ATL

Chicago Bears (7-5) @ Denver Broncos (7-5)

Poor Chicago looked like they were cruising to a 12 or 13 win season, good enough to challenge Green Bay, but not quite enough.  Now they have lost Jay Cutler and Matt Forte, all but assuring their dismissal from the postseason, as they still have Seattle, Green Bay, and Minnesota after Tim Tebow and the Broncos get through with them.  Don’t expect a 4th quarter comeback from the Broncos this time around, they’ll probably have a comfortable lead by halftime.

Picks: ALL DEN

Sunday Night Football

New York Giants (6-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (7-5)

The league’s only .500 team will face off against their division rivals on NBC in front of a national audience….the perfect time for both QBs to turn in an awful performance.  Eli Manning and the Giants just took the Packers to the wire, while the Cowboys are coming off a stunning loss against Arizona, if they can rebound they can start to fasten the lock on the NFC East.  However, if the Giants pull off the win, they tie the Cowboys with 3 games to go.  Either way it doesn’t matter as long as neither team collapses within the next two weeks, it’s going to come down to their Week 17 rematch.  Giants have Washington and the Jets, while the Cowboys have Tampa and Philadelphia, you can take a guess how this ends up, it’s as good as mine.

Picks: NYG – Ryan, Daniel; DAL – Chris

This was an important game....last year

Monday Night Football

St. Louis Rams (2-10) @ Seattle Seahawks (5-7)

The NFL really needs to find out how to work Flex Scheduling into Monday Night Football as well, while most of these matchups were well-intended and no one expected half these teams to go south, they need to be able to adjust, and this game is the reason why.  Last season Seattle and St. Louis met Week 17 on SNF for the NFC West title thanks to Flex Scheduling, this year they’re both abysmal again, which is fine, except for the fact that San Francisco has already ran off with the NFC West title, deeming these two teams even more irrelevant. St. Louis is down to their 3rd string QB in Tom Brandstater, and while Tarvaris Jackson may be having his best season as a pro, it’s still an average year.  Seattle has a shot to get to 8-8, one win better than last year’s 7-9 finish….even though they won the NFC West, yeah I’m confused too. Let’s move on.

Picks: ALL SEA


Other Picks:









BUF @ SD – BUF – Ryan, SD – Chris, Daniel


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