Boise State Among 5 Added to the Big East

In a last-second rush to save its conference the Big East has decided to add 5 new schools to the mix, and completely saying “screw geography” in the process.

Long time BCS-outlier Boise State along with another west coast school in San Diego state, are among 5 new schools added to the Big East.  However, unlike the other 3 schools, Boise and San Diego State will be football only.  The Big East will also bring in Conference USA programs Houston, Central Florida and Southern Methodist, all of which have had a bit of an emergence over the last couple of years.

The new schools are expected to compete beginning 2013.

This latest move brings the conference to 13 teams in football (as many as 19 in Women’s Basketball), and will assure that they hang around just a little longer as West Virginia is heading to the Big 12 and Syracuse and Pitt ran off not too long ago for the ACC.

The Big East has made a bold 1st move in what many believe will soon be happening all over college athletics: conferences are going to begin reaching all across the nation and pretty soon we’ll be down to the 6 AQs, maybe even less.  SEC claims they wish to stop at 14 with the addition of Missouri and Texas A&M, Big East will more than likely add yet another program to even themselves out at 14 as well.  This leaves a depleted Big 12 as the only major conference without at least 12 teams (required to play a conference championship) and they may make the move to bring in some teams from outlying conferences that may be on the bubble of moving up.  Schools like Troy and Tulsa may be who they go after (it’s a reach but I could see it happening) and eventually make the move so that all major conferences have a conference championship.

But here’s one thing to look at, say that happens, there are only 5 other conferences, 4 of which at that point no longer have the 12 teams they used to. The Mountain West will expand to 8 with Fresno State, Hawaii, and Nevada coming in, they are all leaving the WAC which will have 5 teams remaining.  With Conference USA (which will have fallen to 9) and Mountain West combining together, one would have to think that the WAC will try and approach the MAC, eventually trying the 5 outlying conferences together within the confines of 3 (CUSA/MWC, MAC/WAC, Sun Belt).  But that’s all nonsense talk and me letting my mind wander.  Carry on.



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