The AFC Darkhorse Everyone Needs To Be Worried About

There’s one team in the AFC that the rest of the conference need to be worried about, it’s not the Patriots, it’s not the Texans, not the Broncos, Raiders or Steelers.  It’s a team that no one gave half a chance this year and that no one sees coming, but I’m telling you right here right now, if things keep going their way, they’re going to sneak to the AFC Championship under everyone’s radar:

Yes, the Titans.  The Titans who no one (including myself) expected to do anything more than create a foundation for Jake Locker to take over, have suddenly found themselves at 7-5.  And this isn’t an “oh, that’s cute, look at them, they somehow won 7 games”, this is an “oh how cute, they’ve got 7….wait a minute, did Chris Johnson just, dammit!”

Matt Hasselbeck has put together a tremendous season when many thought that he was going to be nothing more than a placeholder until Munchak thought Locker was ready to do.  61% of his passes have been completed, over 2600 yards (on his way to about 3500), 15 TDs to only 10 picks, in other words, he’s played pretty well, without a CONSISTENT RUNNING GAME, and now look, Chris Johnson has hit his stride.  Johnson has run for over 125 in 3 of his last four, and outside of the Houston matchup, there isn’t a game where he faces a defense greater than 14th (109.1 ypg).  Hasselbeck should be in pretty decent shape as well now that he knows Johnson will produce, he’ll face two of the worst passing defenses in the league down the stretch, and while Jacksonville has the league’s 3rd best passing defense, they also showcase the league’s worst passing offense.

Tennessee has a legit chance to get hot and beat some teams they “aren’t supposed to beat”, and if Johnson can continue to keep this up, suddenly Matt Hasselbeck has a legitimate running back and defense for the first time since 2005….you might remember what happened then.

I’m not saying they’re going to the Super Bowl, or that they’re going to win it, all I’m saying is that while everyone is wrapped up in Tebow or wrapped up in who’s winning the AFC North, quietly that team that was supposed to be the bottom-dweller of the AFC South just may sneak in the playoffs…..and they just may win a few games.



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