Heisman Finalists Selected

It’s here, they’ve been announced:

Robert Griffin III is 1 of the 5 finalists that were announced today for the prestigious trophy, and will be receiving an invite to New York, the other 4 were no-surprise either.  Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, and Monte Ball…..oh yeah, Tyrann Mathieu, also known as the Honey Badger.

Yes, it's eating a cobra

I’m a little surprised by the invitation extension to Mathieu, not because he hasn’t done well, he’s been tremendous, it’s just that usually we’re used to standout statistics.  On defense, if you’re a defender, particularly a good one, stats aren’t going to show, why? Because no one is catching passes your way.  It’s a pleasant surprise when you consider how much love we give QBs nowadays, Matt Barkley could’ve easily got in (and rightfully so), but it would’ve been over Mathieu, I’m sure of it.

The ceremony takes place Saturday Night, my money is on either Richardson, Ball or Griffin, who you got?


One thought on “Heisman Finalists Selected

  1. FYI.. It’s criminal that Boise State’s QB Kellen Moore is left out of the Heisman Trophy finalists. His record speaks for itself. NCAAbias


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