Dilfer Calls Luck A Top 12 QB

That’s what y’all gotta do man, chill.

Apparently on SportsCenter after the Monday Night Game, Trent Dilfer decided to claim that Andrew Luck would be a Top 12 QB in the NFL, and while I think the guy is mentally one of the smarter QBs we’ve seen in a while.  HOWEVER, let’s wait until we see him take the field before we declare him anything other than a good PROSPECT, that’s the problem we see these guys on a college field and we think they’re going to be the best thing since Joe Montana.


Right now, I’m taking all but maybe 10 QBs to start a game before I take Luck at the NFL level, and I’d love to see him prove me wrong, but let’s be reasonable and stop jumping to conclusions.

Andy Dalton and Cam Newton are both doing outstanding right now, but their success is only relative, Dalton as a 5-year vet would be considered serviceable and Cam Newton as a 5-year vet would be considered a guy who can’t close out games.  Bradford was great for a rookie last year, and almost led St. Louis to the playoffs (albeit in a weak NFC West) and now he’s hit some sort of a wall, time will tell if he can pick back up before long.

Remember when Blaine Gabbert was the next big thing?

How’s he doing in Jacksonville right now?

Remember when Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Moore, Tony Romo or David Garrard were overlooked and would never be successful NFL QBs?

Think we can stop reaching for over the top comparisons for these rookies, especially QB, one of the hardest positions to play in ANY sport? Stop making it seem like it’s just easy to pop in and play.



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