BCS Playoff Proposal

Daniel, Chris and I have discussed this at length on air, and I posted a mini version of this before, but I’ll just move it over here for discussion.

This proposal has something in it for everyone, while keeping the main objective of the BCS in mind: money.  This proposal is nothing more than an idea, an idea from someone who never even paid attention to college football until 2007, so if I’m missing some stigma/piece of College Football, inform me.

For those that don’t know, I am a die-hard football fan, I grew up watching NFL Football, and watching my brother play in HS which inspired myself and older brother to play as well.  I grew up around an Eagles fan, and 3 Raiders fans, and somehow ended up a Falcons fan around 1999.  When I got to college is the first time I actually began paying attention to college football, I had moved to Alabama to attend school at UAB, and one of my roommates was a huge LSU fan, so I decided to go to UAB games and start paying attention to the game as a whole.  One of the first things I asked about was the BCS, when the first projections came out that year I had probably 1000 questions for my roommate, “what the hell is the BCS? Why does it exist and what is its purpose?”

He simply responded, “I don’t know”, and after 4 years, I still haven’t figured it out…..and I’m not alone.

Listen, we know the reason for the BCS’s existence is this: money.  It is simply meant so that the men behind the system can get paid, and while the NCAA and conferences all get paid, the men behind the system are getting the real dollars, and that’d be fine, if they just said that .

That’s the problem, they don’t, they hide it behind a some sugarcoated speech of how it’s supposed to be a fair, and formulated system determined by computers and not humans….yeah, except for the fact that the polls are incorporated into the BCS percentage.  Polls that have their own biases and computer formulas that haven’t been revealed to anyone outside of the person who came up with them. But I’ll stop before I forget that this isn’t about my disdain for that BCS system.

I have an idea that would help the BCS maintain their money and give the people what they want: a playoff.  When you read this, please take out all biases and allegiance, I know that’s hard to do, that’s the backbone of college football, but put aside allegiances for a second and read:

There are 11 conferences total in the FBS, 6 of which are automatic qualifiers, BCS also ranks 1-25, 10 of which get to a BCS Bowl game, got any idea where I’m going yet?

16 teams, 11 of which are conference winners, the remaining 5 come from the BCS rankings.

Why allow those other 5 conference winners in the playoffs if they’re playing “inferior competition”, why not?

If you’re truly better then that team coming from that conference, beat them on the field of play.  If they’re outmatched, you should prove it, not assume it.  Besides, if they can’t play for a National Championship without having to go 12-0 8 straight years, what’s the point of being an FBS school?

Oh yeah, money, but college football is for amateur athletes and “the love of the sport”.

So anyway, to show you an example of how this would look, let’s take the 11 conference champions and rank them in order of record (tie-breaker is BCS Ranking or S.o.S.):

1. LSU (SEC), 2. Oklahoma State (11-1) (Big12), 3. Oregon (11-1) (Pac12), 4. Wisconsin (11-2)(Big10), 5. Clemson (10-3) (ACC), 6. TCU (10-2)(MWC), 7. Southern Miss (11-2) (CUSA), 8. Arkansas State (10-2)(Sun Belt), 9. Northern Illinois (10-3)-MAC, 10. Cincinnati (9-3) (Big East), 11. LA Tech (8-4) (WAC)

For your final 5 at-large seeds, grab the 5 highest ranked teams in the BCS that didn’t win their conference:

12. Alabama, 13. Stanford, 14. Arkansas, 15. Boise State, 16. Kansas State,

Now, as far as the seeding, I’m not 100% sure how to do it, I would suggest the traditional 1-16, 2-15, etc. pairing, but there’s so many other ways that this could be done, for now we’ll go with the traditional method.

So let’s look at the round 1 matchups:

16 Kansas State @ 1 LSU

15 Boise State @ 2 Oklahoma State

14 Arkansas @ 3 Oregon

13 Stanford @ 4 Wisconsin

12 Alabama @ 5 Clemson

11 LA Tech @ 6 TCU

10 Cincinnati @ 7 Southern Miss

9 NIU @ 8 Arkansas State

People are probably screaming like “you stupid idiot, why would or should anyone care about Southern Miss or Kansas State”, my response is simply why not.  Why is Arkansas the 14th seed and NIU is 9th? NIU won their conference, if you’re really the better team, go on the road, and win. Plain and simple.  Packers didn’t win their division last season, guess what? They had to go on the road and prove they were better than everyone else.

Now, you’re probably also wondering “where does the extra money come in from the BCS?”

Well for one you have the extra games throughout the month of December, then you can move the BCS Bowl Games to the Quarter-finals and beyond, each game at a neutral site.  There are 5 BCS Bowl Games, adopt two more and make it 7.  Your quarter final matchups could include your two new Bowl Games and then the Fiesta Bowl and Sugar Bowl, with the two teams selected to play there not determined until that week.  Your semi-final matchups could be played in the Rose and Orange Bowls, and your National Championship could be played wherever you decide to put the NC that year.

The amount of revenue there is ridiculous, and the fact that the BCS doesn’t want to even explore this is kind of annoying.

*Copyright Ryan Kristopher McLaughlin, 2010 – I got hitmen son, HITMEN…..and Ndamukung Suh just in case


3 thoughts on “BCS Playoff Proposal

  1. This is quite interesting. I was thinking it would be along the lines of an 8 team playoff but this is actually a good idea.

    My only modification would be let the polls play into it more, if not which conference champs would be accepted outside of bcs? Also, the first round would be extremely lopsided.

    Other than that, this is actually a decent proposal.

    (PS uhhhh let a nigga get that guest blog post on them BCS predictions doe)

  2. Well the polls count in the BCS standings right? I may be misunderstood on that one, but all conference championships would be automatically in.
    And yeah, there’s a good chance that an NIU or LA Tech will get squashed, but you let that play out on the field.

  3. Very interesting. A playoff system is necessary and this seems like a good idea, however, the traditional playoff bracket may not work here. I agree with Ron, the polls should definitely play a part in this.


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