Arkansas OC Garrick McGee Accepts UAB Head Coach Position

And in news only a few of you probably really care about, Arkansas Offensive Coordinator Garrick McGee has reportedly accepted UAB’s Head Coaching offer (verbally, this move must be approved by the University of Alabama Board of Trustees).  Joe Schad of ESPN and Rick Karle have both tweeted about the offer, but no official news sites have actually posted them as of yet.  McGee has served as Petrino’s offensive coordinator since 2008 and served as one at Northwestern the two years prior, and has been nominated (is a Top 5 finalist) for the Broyles’ award which is given to the best assistant coach in the country.

Other potential hires for UAB included former Kansas and Buffalo Head Coach Turner Gill, as well as Auburn RB’s coach Curtis Luper.

It seems that for the 1st time in a long time, UAB Blazer fans can once again be excited for something new.  While Callaway was also an OC at UGA before he was hired, McGee’s offenses have had more success than Callaway did, and he’s a different type of recruiter, he tells the truth. If he can sell UAB to recruits by telling them the truth, he may be something special for a program who’s potential has taken a nose dive as of recent.  While Callaway brought in some good recruits, he was unable to tap into the talent consistently, and it seemed as if teams quit on him.  During this coaching search the committee made an effort to find someone with energy and confidence.  We’ll have to wait and see his personality as time goes on.  McGee  has to get to work immediately, building a staff and turning around a low-tier D1 program, hopefully getting them to at least the top of the conference.


Prior to his stint at Arkansas, McGee worked at Northwestern for 4 years, in his first season, he served as the WRs coach where his players averaged 237 ypg, highest since 2001.  In 2005, he had three wideouts in the Top 10 of the Big Ten in receptions for the 1st time in program history, they also achieved 500 yards per game, the second time any Big Ten school had done so, ever.  In 2007, his offense was 11th in passing (Nation), and 31st in the entire country.  He also brought the Toledo offense to 5th in the nation during his tenure there in 2002.  He also served as offensive assistant and quality control coach for the Jaguars in the NFL.

Here’s McGee’s resume over the last 4 years at Arkansas:

ARK Offense (2011): 12th in passing (307.8 ypg, 3693 total); 80th in rushing (138.1, 1657 total), 14th in points for (37.4)

(2010): 4338 yards passing, 1935 rushing

(2009): 3845 yards passing, 1713 rushing

(2008): 3115 yards passing, 1362 rushing

Prior History:

Northwestern – OC, QBs Coach (06-07), WRs/Special Teams Coach (04-05)

UNLV – WRs Coach, Special Teams (03)

Toledo – WRs Coach (02)

Jacksonville Jaguars – Off Assistant/Quality Control (00-02)

Northern Iowa – WR Coach (99)

Langston – QB Coach/Special Teams (96-98)

No word yet on when the Blazers plan on introducing McGee as their next head coach, I’ll keep you all updated.

UPDATE: ESPN has reported, Garrick McGee will get his first likely be the candidate for UAB


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