Jags (finally) Fire Del Rio, Team Sold but Staying in Jacksonville







In a move that’s AT LEAST 3 years too late, Jack Del Rio has finally been let go as Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Of the River was 68-71 over his 9 years as the Jaguars’ second ever head coach, and only achieved a 1-2 playoff record over his tenure (2 trips) with NO division wins (to be fair, Peyton Manning is there too). Del Rio saved his job in 2007 when he cut former 1st round pick Byron Leftwich for the more effective David Garrard, who led the Jaguars to an 11-5 wildcard berth, along with a rare playoff upset at Heinz Field before losing at New England the next week.  Garrard was inexplicably let go before the 2011 season for Luke McCown and eventually 1st round pick Blaine Gabbert, who have all struggled (turns out Garrard had to have back surgery and was not informed by Jacksonville, instead finding out when Oakland tried to sign him).

To say Del Rio has been ineffective may be an understatement, and according to several of the players and members of the coaching staff, had lost his competitive edge after receiving a contract extension in 2008, coming in around 9AM to the chagrin of the staff.

Time will tell what happens in Jacksonville, Wayne Weaver has sold the team to Shahid Khan, a local businessman who intends to keep the team down there, and the franchise has extended the contract of GM Gene Smith.  Mel Tucker will take over as the interim head coach and will have a chance to “audition” for the lead role.

As nice of a guy as Mel may be, Jacksonville needs a complete change of face.


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