It Ain’t Their Fault: 100-2 Blowout Has People Calling For Program Suspension

I am not making this up

In Kentucky two completely miss-matched middle school basketball teams went head to head, and one of them got slaughtered.

At least that’s the basis of it.

When Pikeville Independent Middle School faced off against Kimper Elementary and Middle in the Pike County Preseason Tournament, well, to put it short, they mollwhopped em.

A thrashing that only Tina Turner can relate to.

I hope this is the right school....

The kicker here isn’t that this isn’t a score and sport typo. It’s not a 10-2 baseball thrashing, at all, it’s a 100-2 beatdown that now has the Superintendent and school board want the program to CANCEL THEIR ENTIRE SEASON FOR LACK OF SPORTSMANSHIP.


You’ve got to be kidding me! There’s so many problems with this that I don’t even know where to start, first and foremost, these kids knew when they signed up to be on the basketball team that they may not win every game.  Hell, when I was 10, I was on a PeeWee Football team that went 0-8, I knew coming in that it was completely possible.  Second of all, why isn’t there a mercy rule if you’re worried about sportsmanship? If your concern is that a team is going to get beat so badly, why didn’t you have the game called when it was 70-0 at halftime? To add to that key, the coach sat down his entire starting lineup TWO MINUTES INTO THE GAME. TWO.  Third, why are you going to punish the winning team for playing? Everyone got playing time, everyone got in, they called off the full court press and eventually their entire defense to let the other team score. If that’s not already going over the top for sportsmanship, I don’t know WHAT is.  Most important of all, WHY are these two miss-matched teams playing each other in a tournament anyway? Why are they in the same seeding or alignment? It makes NO SENSE.

So before these parents get all bent out of shape about some kids being better at basketball than some other kids (gasp, no way), why don’t they a) consider the fact that it’s a preseason tournament, it doesn’t count, or b) let these kids continue to play?

Get over it.



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