Bears Looking at Orton, Sign McCown

Yup, Tears of McCown may be making a comeback of source if the Bears can’t get their hands on the recently waived Kyle Orton.  The Bears have been exploring several QB options since Cutler’s thumb required surgery that will sideline him until at least the playoffs.  The only question that comes with this is how long does Caleb Hanie have to prove himself or has time already ran out?  The team is 7-3 right now, currently tied for 2nd with Detroit after splitting the series head-to-head, they’ve got to travel to Oakland, Denver, Green Bay and Minnesota, while Kansas City, and Seattle are their only two remaining home games.  Going on the road is tough, especially with a young guy with no regular season experience behind him, so one really can’t blame Chicago for saying “let’s go get a security blanket”.  Who knows, maybe they DO have enough faith in Hanie and only want McCown or Orton as an insurance policy, because let’s be real, is Josh McCown REALLY the answer for the next 6 weeks? As much as I like what the guy did in Arizona, he wasn’t that impressive when he had a full-time starting gig.

UPDATE: The Bears have signed Josh McCown, Orton has been claimed by Kansas City


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