Tebow Completes Two Passes, Herald as Hero

I ain't mad tho

Look at young Tebow! He and the “resurgent” Denver Broncos ran all over the Chiefs Sunday, as 87% of their playcalls showed.  Young Tebow only dropped back to throw 8 times, and he completed a whopping 2, one of which was a 56-yard touchdown to Decker…..they looked like Georgia Tech-Pro honestly.

But you can’t keep winning that way, they went against a Chiefs team that’s 26th against the run (allowing 134 yards per game) and ran for 244 yards.  Not every team is going to allow you to do that, especially against the Jets this Thursday, Tebow is going to have to let a few passes rip, and hope that he’s accurate.  He’s facing one of the best defenses in the league and will see blitzes he’s not familiar with.

I don’t have anything against Tebow, he’s a good dude, very wholesome, never speaks negative about or to anybody, but I just can’t look at him and see a legit NFL QB right now.  He’s like a gimmick that works against weak rushing defenses, and until he can quicken that release and get a little more accurate, he won’t be any more than a gimmick.   You can quote the “all he does is win” bit all the time, but when he’s only accounting for 40 rushing yards and 60 passing, he’s really not doing all that much.  Let’s be real: Tebow is an energetic player who’s giving his team life right now, but what happens when he’s got to face a team that’s not going to let him run around? He’s got to be accurate, this running around and pumped-up-ness is cute right now, but when it gets real, they’ll need his arm.



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