Schaub Hurt: But It’s Okay, They’ve Got Jacksonville Next

Schauby will be in a boot for the next couple of weeks while he visits some specialists about his foot, opening up the door for, wait for it, Matt Leinart.


Yup, USC’s own Matt Leinart will have to guide the Texans through the next few weeks, and hopefully he doesn’t mess it up.  You can’t help but wonder though: is this the beginning of the annual Texan meltdown we start to see? You know the one, they have a chance to win the division, usually stealing it from the Colts, and collapse? Well don’t look now, but Tennessee is 5-4, only two games behind Houston, who luckily has Jacksonville after their bye week.  If Matt Leinart does what would definitely be possible, and blow several games for them, Houston could be staring at that Week 17 matchup with Tennessee and see the division they once held in their hand on the line.  Houston has Jacksonville, then Atlanta, at Cincinnati, Carolina, at Indianapolis, ending with with the showdown against the Titans in Houston.  While Schaub COULD come back before then, there’s talk that he COULD miss the rest of the season, so say Leinart starts the next 2-3 games, Texans could reasonably go 1-2 in that stretch, while Tennessee doesn’t have it any easier, if they pull out two of those next 3 games, it could be a problem.


UPDATE: According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Schaub is out for the SEASON, yikes.


2 thoughts on “Schaub Hurt: But It’s Okay, They’ve Got Jacksonville Next

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