GTFOH Person of the Week: Jerry Sandusky / Mike McQueary

I apologize. I’ve been slacking but it’s back .

Newest weekly edition of the #GTFOH Person of the Week. Easy choice this week too and I have to speak on it. But it is a tie… Between Jerry Sandusky and Mike McQueary.

If you haven’t heard, what’s wrong with you???

Alright, lemme tell the story. Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State defensive coordinator under 137 year old head coach Joe Paterno, has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 8 young boys in a 15 year span… on Penn State campus, no less, at the football facilities.

Mike McQueary was a graduate assistant on the Penn State football staff in 1998, when he (allegedly) spotted Sandusky in the shower assaulting a 10 year old boy. But the only person he told right away… was his father. Not the police. This story has been all over every news outlet and rightfully so, because this story is much bigger than football, but we have not been hearing McQueary name much at all, and I don’t understand why. Joe Paterno has had way too much blame on him. He does deserve blame of course, he is the head of the program. But it seems like McQueary is going to get off easy when he should be first one losing his job.

This guy actually tried to coach this past Saturday, as if he wasn’t a part of the story. The only thing that kept him from going to the game was the fact that his safety was in danger. #GTFOH

And all ESPN wants to talk about is Joe Paterno and how he’s gone. Barely any mention of Sandusky. No mention of the kids. No mention of the fact that McQueary saw it happen over a decade ago and we are just now finding out. MAAAAANNNNNNN

GTFOH Sandusky and McQueary

oh, and put Sandusky in a cell wit Lil Boosie…




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