Raiders Beat Chargers to take AFC West Lead

 Welp.  Michael Bush balled, Denarious Moore balled, Vincent Brown balled…Philip Rivers got harassed, and the Raiders won 24-17.

He was sacked 7 times, hit 6 more, and intercepted once on a play that looked like Vincent Jackson just gave up.  It was not pretty in the beginning and despite his best efforts to patch things better in the end, Rivers couldn’t quite put it together to take it into OT.  Carson Palmer looked better, or at least efficient: 14 of 20, 299 yards, 2 TDs (Both to Moore), 1 INT, certainly helped by Michael Bush’s 157 yards and score.

One could argue that the Chargers got screwed on a late TD grab by Vincent Brown that was later ruled incomplete, but you could also argue that they were screwed by Vincent Jackson when he quit on a play.

The Raiders have now taken a one-game lead over the AFC West, with a 5-4 record, while the Chargers take a fourth straight loss to a 4-5 record.  Rivers put up decent numbers despite being absolutely harassed all night, and yet people are blaming him for the Chargers short coming.  Rivers is going through a downturn, no doubt about that, but he’s far from the sole reason the Chargers and their 4th ranked passing attack can’t win games, so stop blaming him.

Chargers are going to continue their downward spiral because there seems to be more trouble afoot with McNeil taking a hit and leaving the field on the cart.  The protection problems are only going to build, and if the Chargers aren’t careful, the Broncos may sneak into 3rd place.




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