Charles Woodson on 16-0: Let’s Talk About It


 Apparently Charles Woodson is amped that the Packers have gone halfway through the season without losing a game. There’s a lot of talk about the defending Super Bowl Champions going undefeated and repeating, the big 19-0 that the 2007 Patriots couldn’t do.  When asked about it, Woodson had this to say:

We can talk about it, I don’t care. We’re 8-0. We’d love to be 16-0 – love to. It’s a realistic conversation now. We’re halfway there. So yeah, let’s talk about it.

There’s really not much news here, any team in their right mind WANTS to be 19-0 and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, so one can’t knock Woodson’s thought process here.  The main argument is that maybe he should keep that to himself, they’ve still got big games on their schedule and don’t want to put focus on being 19-0, but rather the teams that they have to beat to get there.  But it’s hard to argue against it right now, even though we know that there’s a slim chance they’re going undefeated (my money is on the Thanksgiving game at Detroit or the Giants to give them their first L).  Aaron Rodgers has been playing lights out since the division playoff game in Atlanta, and doesn’t look like he can even be slowed down right now, you just hope you can keep up or keep him off the field.

I personally believe that they’ll be 15-1, really surprised if I see a 14-2, because that means they either lost 2 in a row, or lost one to a team that they had no business losing to.  What do you think?




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