Stop Kidding: BCS Needs A Playoff

It could work. No really, there’s a system that would ensure that more big boys get in than party crashers, while allowing the Bowl System to stay in tact at neutral sites.  Most people wouldn’t want to hear this solution out based on the very first part of this proposal, but here it goes anyway.

In order to make a functional, realistic system that determines a champion, based around the current format of the BCS, without blowing the entire system out the water.  A 16-team, 4-week round robin that would include, realistically, all conference champions.

“But Ryan, how does that work? Surely you can’t let these MAC, CUSA, or WAC scrubs into the race for the championship”, and my reaction would be, why not?  Unless a Conference is so terrible that their champion limps out at 6-6, there shouldn’t be any reason that a team that handles their conference can’t play for all the marbles.  Including all conference champions (you could put a rule in saying they must have at least 8-9 wins), and 5 at-large bids, coming straight from the BCS rankings.  How does that work? Let’s look at the current standings

1 LSU – SEC .9931
2 Oklahoma State – Big 12 .9447
3 Alabama – SEC .8836
4 Stanford – PAC 12 .8749
5 Boise State – MWC .8473
6 Oklahoma – Big 12 .7978
7 Oregon – Pac – 12 .7708
8 Arkansas – SEC .7452
9 Clemson – ACC .6435
10 Virginia Tech – ACC .5913
11 Houston – CUSA .5510
12 Penn State – Big 10 .4838
13 South Carolina – SEC .4528
14 Kansas State – Big 12 .3808
15 Georgia – SEC .3696
16 Texas – Big 12 .3664
17 Michigan State – Big 10 .3372
18 Wisconsin – Big 10 .3046
19 Nebraska – Big 10 .2792
20 Auburn – SEC .2097
21 Georgia Tech – ACC .2094
22 Southern Miss – CUSA .2039
23 Cincinnati – Big East .1869
24 Michigan – Big 10 .1768
25 Baylor – Big 12 .0708

Now, let’s take these teams and sort out who would land in our playoff system:

1. LSU (assumed SEC Champion)

2. Oklahoma State (assumed Big 12 Champion)

3. Stanford (Assumed Pac 12 Champion)

4. Boise State (Mountain West)

5. Clemson (Assumed ACC Champion)

6. Houston (Assumed, no screw that, CUSA Champion)

7. Penn State (Assumed Big 10 Champion)

8. Cincinnati (Assumed Big East Champion)

9. Ohio/NIU (MAC)

10. Arkansas State (Sun Belt)

11. Nevada (WAC)

12. Alabama (At-Large)

13. Oklahoma (At-Large)

14. Oregon (At-Large)

15. Arkansas (At-Large)

16. Virginia Tech (At-Large)

You would also be able to place your 5 BCS Bowls within the confines of the tournament, all neutral site games, the Championship, semi-finals, and quarter-finals could all be BCS games (so from the final eight on).  It would simply require the BCS to adopt  2 more games, and it would add to their revenue.

“But Ryan, how could you even possibly think about letting scrubs like Arkansas State, Nevada, or NIU in?” Because, and get this, bear with me now: they won their conference.  If the NCAA is going to set up a Division 1 system, and wants to play the “well, everyone is in it” card, don’t you think you should make it where conferences actually mattered? I mean if not, why not just take the other 5, non-AQ conferences, and go FCS?  What’s the point of playing D1 football if you have no shot whatsoever of holding up the crystal trophy? If you’re a competitor, you want that ultimate prize, so why not give them a shot? Things could shape out as such:

Round 1:

VA Tech @ LSU

Arkansas @ OK ST

Oregon @ Stanford

Oklahoma @ Boise State

Alabama @ Clemson

Nevada @ Houston

Ark St @ Penn St

Ohio/NIU @ Cincinnati

Let those matchups play out at the higher seed’s establishment, until you get to the Quarter-finals, then proceed as such:

Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, New Bowl 1, New Bowl 2 – Quarter final round

Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl – Semi-Final Round

All-State BCS National Championship

You can’t at least tell me this would make things more interesting.



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