Joe Paterno Fired by Penn State Board of Trustees

 Today, after reports were initially released that Joe Paterno was going to be allowed to finish out the season, the Penn State Board of Trustees has stepped in and pushed Paterno and President Graham Spanier out the door.  While I applaud them for making this move now, the bigger story should remain what is going to happen to Sandusky and when he’s going to be punished.  Everyone is upset about what the people in the program didn’t do in their quest to “preserve the program”, but the bigger problem is the fact that Sandusky was using the Penn State facilities to engage in the vile activities that he was engaging in.

You can attack all angles all you want, you can tell why you do or why you don’t believe that Penn State should get rid of the coaching staff or Athletic Department.  But the fact remains that the ultimate villain in this whole situation is Sandusky, and everyone associated with it that didn’t do anything in my opinion is as guilty.

To me, the Board made the right move, get it all behind you now, pick up the pieces when this is all over. Good luck.




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