Paterno Out Today?

The New York Times is reporting that Joe Paterno should be on his way out the door as early as today.  Although Paterno’s son has denied these reports, you can’t help but think the inevitable is coming soon, and that Paterno will be the first of MANY on their way out the door.  I would expect the entire coaching staff, athletic department, and even the AD to be dismissed, and if anyone else has any knowledge of these incidents, they should be let go too.

I’m not the one who usually is for the removal of someone from their job, but this is as disgusting and sickening as anything.  I know people have loyalties and friends, and want to protect the people they love, but if the people you love do something horrifying, there’s no reason to let them continue harming anyone.  Paterno will be and should be dismissed, and the sad thing is, this is what will tarnish his legacy.



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