Week 8 Power Rankings

We’re almost halfway through the NFL season (I know sad right), and we can’t seem to find out how everything fits.  We’ve got one undefeated team in Green Bay, several unlikely contenders, and of course, a few disappointments. Let’s try and sort out the 32 teams, shall we?


What happened last Sunday is absolutely abysmal. I don’t even have a witty comment for it. THAT’S how bad it was.


AJ Feeley is just happy somebody remembers who he is.


If Matt Leinart can get it to Larry Fitzgerald, Kevin Kolb has NO Excuse, not one.  I don’t care if his arm got ran over by a tow-truck, or if he suffered narcolepsy mid pass, you get that football to Larry Fitzgerald man.


Tony Sporano has reportedly put his house up for sale.  At least he’s accepting his fate.


Ponder wasn’t accurate, but that’s more offense than we’ve seen from the Vikings all year.


If Carroll somehow has this team near contention for the division at the end of the season (unlikely), I’m giving him award for Coach of the Year.  How many coaches can come near winning a division with this bad a team? Oh, what? It’s the NFC West? Nevermind then.


They should bottle up the essence of how hard they’re going to fall off, and sell it to destruction services.


Broncos defense kept them in the game, Tebow won it late. Can’t argue there.  Don’t expect that against Detroit.


I’ll give them credit, they beat a team they weren’t supposed to.  Their head coach is  still Del Rio and until he’s gone, they won’t go anywhere.


They’re 3-3, surprised? I am.  If this offense could do more than rub sticks together they’d be a force to be reckoned with.


They’ve climbed back to 3-3 as well, and they’re now back in the race for the AFC West.  Remember when I said Todd Haley was going to get fired? That never happened.


They’re going to fall back to Earth a lot, at least until Chris Johnson gets going, and YES, I believe he’ll get it together. It’s training camp right now.


They’re staying around 20 for right now. 2-5 is nice, and I think they’ll get to 3-5 today, this team is slowly coming along to mess with people this year and be a real contender next year.  Cam Newton will have more playoff wins than Matt Ryan and Tony Romo by 2012.


They win tonight, they’re back in the NFC East race


Nah, I still don’t trust GQ Sanchez when it comes down to it.  This team is probably one of the most overrated teams in the entire league…and I KNOW I’ve said that before.


Carson Palmer ran/knew 15 plays going into last week. THAT’S how bad Kyle Boller was playing.


I don’t know what’s up with Philip Rivers, it’s like the less he yells at somebody, the worse he does.


They get a few nods because of DeMarco Murray….for their hope he better not be a flash in the pan.


Don’t worry, I freaked out when I saw that number by their logo too.


See what I meant by “This team looks better without Julio”???, not because Julio is a bad player, but because the playcaller and Ryan were trying to force a deep passing game when that’s not their forte. Hopefully when he comes back they don’t go right back to that.


Not even gonna come down on young Josh Freeman like that.  He made his NFL debut in London and didn’t do too well there, obviously it’s his own personal ghost.


That performance by their offense Monday night was AWFUL.  Point blank, period.


They beatdown the poor Titans, something I did not expect.  If they beatdown the poor Jaguars, that’s something else I did not expect.


Yup, Eli chillin’, he and Tom Coughlin are somewhere in Times Square with their feet propped up daring someone to call them out.


Give them credit, they went to London and beat the Buccaneers, they almost coughed it up, but they held on.


They should be back to their aggressive defensive ways now that they’re rested from their bye week.  Bet Fitzpatrick is gonna go out there and flash that check all over the field.


They’ve taken a small hit over the last two weeks, but they’ll rebound against Denver


Roethlesberger has warmed up the oven, put somethin in the microwave, turned on the George Foreman grill, and put oil in the deep fryer.  He cookin, and he’s gonna use the bathroom and be back before it’s done…..


62 points is absolutely ridiculous, no matter who you drop it on.


Sometime during the last two weeks, Alex Smith found a camera, looked in it and simply said “thanks to all my haters, y’all my motivators”


Tom Brady. Bill Bellicheck.


They’ve got a bye…they won.



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