Case Keenum…. Stop it… Just stop it…

It’s been awhile since I have taken time to type up a blog, sorry I have been slacking on my duties.

Lets get to it then.

Wylie, Texas. Ever been there? Even heard of it? I’m from Texas and don’t even know exactly where it is. Anyways, that is where a guy named Case Keenum hails from. You might of heard of him by now, he is the starting quarterback for the University of Houston Cougars. No? Well if you haven’t heard of him and you might want to crawl from under the rock you have been under for the past 4 years or so and wake the hell up and take notice of what this kid is doing.

Here is Case Keenum’s stat line from his most recent match up with Rice: 24-37 534 Yards and 9 Touchdowns and one INT. Yes you read that correctly, 534 yards and NINE TOUCHDOWNS. Are you kidding me? Someone turn the difficulty level on the video game! Those numbers are absolutely absurd. Performances like this have become normal for Keenum though, if you want to see absolutely silly stats put up in the passing game, just tune in to the Houston game from week to week.

With Keenum’s 5th touchdown pass against Rice he broke Graham Harrell’s record for most touchdown passes in a career(134). The record now stands at 139 and will grow with each touchdown pass Keenum throws from here on out this season. That wasn’t the only record that Keenum broke this season either, he also broke former Hawaii quarterback Timmy Chang’s record for total offense (16,910 yards) in a career. Only one word to describe such feats and that word is incredible.

First thing haters will bring up is the competition that Keenum plays against week in and out. I don’t really care who you are playing against, to be able to consistently put up numbers of this magnitude week after week and year after year is simply astounding and VERY difficult. He faces kids who are on scholarship just like him every week, they are where they are for a reason, don’t try to discredit what he has done to this point in his career.

When I was coming out of high school I got recruited some by Houston and I remember them talking about who was going to have to replace Kevin Kolb who had been a four year starter for them at the time. Kolb was the best quarterback that had come thru UH in awhile and did some nice things while he was there and ended up being a second round pick for the Philadelphia Eagles. Then here comes this kid out of Wylie, Texas, a two star, unheralded recruit and seemed a little on the small side physically, but he came from a winning program and put up decent numbers as a starter in high school. Houston was the only school to offer him a scholarship even though, Baylor, North Texas and UTEP also recruited him. I remember thinking in my mind then, “this guy can’t be who they expect to replace Kolb” and figured the program would spiral back into mediocrity following Kolb’s departure. Man was I wrong. After winning the starting job over Blake Joseph as a freshmen, Keenum has never looked back.

The knock on guys in Keenum’s situation is that he is a system guy. It’s why guys like Timmy Chang, Colt Brennan, (Insert any Texas Tech QB here) haven’t ever really translated into productive NFL quarterbacks. I don’t think watching the kid on TV does him any justice at all. You have to see the show live to believe it. I recall walking to Robertson Stadium in 2008 thinking we had a shot at victory with Houston having a sophomore at the helm. We went into the locker room at half up 20-3. Lost the game 45-20 if I remember correctly (insert UAB football joke here). The kid is SICK. Like Kolb before him, he is a legit pro prospect, don’t sleep on him.

Keenum is going to rewrite the history books in a variety of different ways. You have to respect the kid’s gangster. He has come from being an unknown to being a superstar. It was an honor to be able to stand on the same football field as him, and I wish him the best of luck in the future.



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