Week 8 Picks

Week 8 Matchups and Picks:

This week we had a guest appearance by Shaun King, and were visited by Thomas Strider, who decided to pick with us this week.

Miami @ New York (Giants) – The Giants are coming off a bye, the Giants are pretty much ready for whatever Matt Moore and company can bring to the table.  Moore has thrown for one TD and 3 INTs, and has shown he’s not afraid to challenge whoever’s on the other side of the field…..that’s not always going to work out in his favor. [ALL: Giants]

Indianapolis @ Tennessee – The Colts can’t really get much lower than where they found themselves last Sunday. Tennessee suffered the second worse loss of the weekend, a 41-7 beatdown by the Texans, but are still playing significantly better than many thought they would this season.  Can the Colts get their first win? [TEN: Chris, Ryan, Thomas; IND: Daniel]

Minnesota @ Carolina – In a battle of rookies, Cam Newton is coming off his second win of the season, while Ponder is coming off an impressive performance against Green Bay.  Newton has passed for 2100 yards, 8 TDs, 9 INTs, has a 60% completion percentage and a QB rating of 82.8, he also has 7 TDs on the ground.  Ponder in his first start only completed 41% of his passes, but gave the Vikings a spark that McNabb clearly couldn’t give them.  Will Ponder get his first win? Or will Newton get the Panthers to 3-5? [CAR: Chris, Ryan, Cecil Newton; MIN: Daniel, Thomas]

New Orleans @ St. Louis – The Rams have been awful this season and are hosting a New Orleans team that just dropped 62 points on one of the other winless teams in the league.  It’s not looking good for the Rams as Feeley may get the start again, and after the Rams got shredded by DeMarco Murray last week, it’s highly unlikely they’ll stop the Saints 1-2 punch of Sproles and Ingram. [All: Nawlins]

Arizona @ Baltimore – After what happened in Jacksonville, Baltimore has a point to prove.  In their 2 losses (both on the road), the Ravens average 10 ppg on offense and have allowed over 100 yards on the ground twice in three road games.  Arizona has a completely different set of problems, while they’re 13th in passing and 14th in rushing defense (average), they are horrible against the pass and trying to rely on the ground game.  Kevin Kolb has been average for a guy who was given such a huge payday a couple months ago, and while one can blame his lack of reps, we haven’t really seen much progression.  Although that’s hard to do without any support from your running game. [ALL: Baltimore]

Jacksonville @ Houston – We’ve all pretty much accepted Jacksonville’s Monday Night win as a fluke upset.  Jacksonville really has no consistency on offense and is really just trying to find their own way with a rookie QB.  Houston has always been a thorn in their side back when the tables used to be turned, and one really shouldn’t expect much different here.  A win here puts Houston at 5-3 with a pretty safe lead in the AFC South, a loss? Well, let’s just say that a division that should be a lock for Houston, suddenly gets a little more crowded with 3 teams within one game of each other. [ALL: Houston]

Washington @ Buffalo – Buffalo is coming off a bye after their tough loss against the Giants two weeks ago.  Fitzpatrick and company should be able to make quick work of a Washington team missing one of their premier running backs.  Keep an eye out for how the Redskins use Torain and Helu, they’ll play a big role in whether or not John Beck can keep this thing close.  If the Bills get out to a 10-point lead early, you can call it a done deal. [ALL: Buffalo]

Detroit @ Denver – Detroit is coming off two straight losses, while Denver just pulled off a huge come-from-behind victory.  The difference here is that Denver isn’t playing an 0-for team.  Interesting factoid: the last time the Lions were 5-2, they beat the Broncos 44-7 to improve to 6-2, but that was 2007, and a completely different team.  [ALL: Detroit]

New England @ Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh has put together a few big wins courtesy of Roethlesberger’s performances.  The Patriots have been on a mission ever since the loss to Buffalo and don’t show any signs of slowing down, this Steelers team doesn’t really impress, and even though they’re at home, the Patriots are 7-point favorites. [ALL: NE]

Cleveland @ San Francisco – Cleveland is a consistent offense away from competing with the big boys in the AFC.  Colt McCoy has completed 56% of his passes, with 8 TDs to only 4 INTs, however, he’s only averaging 5 yards a pass.  There is no vertical threat to this offense, and that won’t be good against a Niners team that has made almost every QB they’ve played look bad.  On the other hand, the Niners are 5-1, but are 31st in passing, going against a team that allows 172 yds/game (2nd in the NFL), this is going to be an old fashioned defensive slugfest. [ALL: San Francisco]

Cincinnati @ Seattle – The Bengals are one of the surprise teams this season, with Andy Dalton continuously putting their offenses in chances to succeed.  The defense has won them field position, and has also created turnovers (2 INTs, 9 forced fumbles), that doesn’t bode well for a Seattle team that only put up 3 points in Cleveland.  If T-Jack is back, we may see a little more movement on the offensive side of the football for Seattle, if Charlie Whitehurst gets another start, it could bad. [ALL: Cincinnati]

Dallas @ Philadelphia – Every team in the NFC East is within 2 games of each other, making this division a four-man race.  D.Murray just set a franchise record for yards in a game, and he’s going to go up against an Eagles defense that has allowed 4.8 ypc on the ground this season.  Murray may have another big game, but the outcome will all come down to the QBs and the offensive line that protects them.  Will Romo be able to hold onto the game? Will Vick’s line be able to keep him upright? [DAL: Chris; PHI: Ryan, Daniel, Thomas]

San Diego @ Kansas City – KC has quietly snuck back into the AFC West race, drubbing Oakland while picking off their QBs 6 times.  But don’t read too much into last week’s game, as the QBs they intercepted included Kyle Boller, and Carson Palmer who was fresh off his couch.  San Diego has looked sloppy on offense and had a complete meltdown last week against the Jets, if we see things return to norm, the Chargers will continue to keep a leg up on their division.  If the Chiefs manage to pull this out, suddenly the AFC West gets a lot more interesting. [SD: Chris, Daniel, Thomas; KC: Ryan]



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