Week 7 Power Rankings

6 weeks are in the books, and we’ve seen unlikely contenders (Detroit, Buffalo) fall and those who’ve been handpicked to be the dreamteam finally get back on the right track.  This week we see a small shuffle at the very top, with a new entry into the Top 5, while the bottom 5 pretty much stays the same.  Of course the middle of the league is hard to precisely define, so I’m really just taking random shots there….so yeah.


Brandon Marshall dropped pass after pass last Monday Night, you can blame Matt Moore, but halfway through the second quarter he found something nobody thought he had: accuracy.


They traded for Brandon Lloyd….and then cut what would have been a solid compliment to him….great job St. Louis.


Word is Curtis Painter has actually won over the locker room…..joke pretty much writes itself man.  But in case I need to spell it out, that’s one of the few things he’ll be winning this season…yadayadayada


If they get beat by a Kyle Boller-led Raiders team, it’s over man.


Bad back and all, Garrard is still sitting at home, laughing.


Tebow gets his fourth career start, for his sake he better hope Miami doesn’t get their first win.


Just as I say Kevin Kolb hasn’t lived up to his hype or pay, watch him torch that Steelers defense like it’s nothing.  Curse of Ryan lives on.


Apparently Frazier pointed fingers at his defensive line for not getting any pressure on Cutler last week.  As wrong as he may be, can you really blame him? Not being able to break through the Bears line is like falling and getting stuck on aluminum foil.


Reports are that T-Jack is on a speedy track to recovery.  His pectoral was apparently strained and not torn.  That’s good news for him, as JC Chasez Jr. is on that bench just waiting to take that job.


And as I ask about Colt McCoy, Shurmur comes out and simply says “he needs to get better”.  I guess it’s a good thing he’s already got the locker room on his side.


When Cam finally learns how to read a defense and how to muster a win, the Panthers offense is going to be neigh unstoppable.  Cecil is somewhere in College Park with his wife two-stepping to some Motown. You and I BOTH know it.


Congrats, bad Rex showed up and you only managed 20 points.  That offense has to do better if they want to win more games.


Dallas is like the popular kid from high school who has so much potential but can never seem to grasp it.  Valiant effort on their behalf, you just can’t stop Tom Brady all the time.


Since we’re on high school analogies, the Jets are the guy who always bragged about how many girls he’s had, but can’t seem to prove it.


I know they’re 4-2, but I don’t buy them when it counts.  Beat one of the top dogs of the AFC North so I know it’s real.


Danger prone Rexy did it again! Next up on the Redskin QB Carousel: John Beck.


I love em, but I still can’t trust em. Not yet.  Stop Calvin Johnson and get win #4 so I know it’s real.


I don’t think you understand how close I was to making another Ross joke here…..UGH.


(In my Rock voice) Can you SMEEELLLLLLLLLLLELELLELLLLA, the potential meltdown coming their way.


I apologize to Eli, he may be inconsistent, but he knows how to win games late.  He’s got a Super Bowl ring for a reason…


While watching the massacre the Bears put on the Vikings, I finally realized just how good Cutler is/can be, because it seems as if he stopped making those “Bad Brett” throws….as often.


Giving them a one-week pass to get Kyle Boller all the way out of there, even Terrell Pryor is sitting on the bench like “bruh, really!?”


Folks say they’ve come “down to Earth” over the last couple weeks……I don’t think they realize that “Down to Earth” for the 2000s Bills is 0-6.  This is a different team, and they are for real, don’t let this loss fool you.


Honestly, I should have dropped them to 24th for allowing the Jaguars to stay in it, but as you can see I’m feeling very gracious today.


This is one of those teams that, no matter how many times they lose, you’re still going to count them in it.


This is another young, up and coming team that’s going to be very dangerous for years to come…except they’re ready now.


Have you seen Philip Rivers’ stats? 1536 yards, 67% completion percentage, 6 TDs and an uncharacteristic 7 INTs.  I’m scared to see how good this team will be once he shakes off the turnovers.


1st loss was inevitable, they still put out some decent offensive production despite playing one of the best defenses in the league.  I have the uneasy feeling that they’ll make mincemeat out of a poor defense like Atlanta.


They stopped Megatron, you know that it’s real…..okay, I promise that’s the last time.


They took care of Houston at home, but they’ve yet to prove themselves against a quality team on the road.


Let me know when Tom Brady is gone.


6-0, defending Super Bowl champs. I only see 3-4 games that they COULD lose. MAYBE.







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