Lions-Eagles Agree to Ronnie Brown Trade

In another shocking trade made just before the 4pm EST deadline, the Eagles have sent backup RB (and former Dolphins all-star) Ronnie Brown to the Lions for a 7th round pick in 2013 and RB Jerome Harrison.  Brown has seen little playing time in his 5 weeks with the Eagles and really was a signing that wasn’t needed, and with Jahvid Best reportedly suffering a concussion, it makes sense.  No one is hurt in this deal, Lions only give up a 7th round pick NEXT YEAR, for a versatile backup RB who’s not quite at the end of his will.  Brown will provide a nice 1-2 punch with Best where Jerome Harrison couldn’t (in this system) and Harrison will return to where he once played to backup LeSean McCoy.

Not only do the Lions get a nice addition to their already explosive offense, an addition they’ll surely need once the weather gets cold and the game will transition back to the ground, but they get a veteran who has at least had some mild success before.  Keeping their minds focused on the original goal: Indianapolis 2012.




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