Carson Palmer Traded To Oakland (Marks end of Campbell Era)

ESPN is reporting that the Oakland Raiders have made the call to Cincinnati to get former 1st round pick Carson Palmer, for, you guessed it, TWO 1st round picks (2012 and 2013).  While the Bengals finally get their headache out the city, the Raiders get themselves a replacement for Campbell for now….and for a few more years.

Jason Campbell’s contract is up at the end of this season, meaning he will become a free agent, and while he’s served his purpose for the Raiders since they brought him in it’s obvious that they’re ready to go with Palmer for the next few years.  You don’t just give up two 1st round picks for a 10 week solution, doesn’t work like that, you give those up because you think he’s going to be your guy for the next few years.  Palmer gets out of Cincy, the Raiders seal their QB position for a while, and they’ll likely start him Sunday, especially with their current QB situation (Kyle Boller, Terrelle Pryor).

The only loser in this situation is Campbell who looks 100% in Oakland than he ever did in Washington, the question now becomes where does he go?

The QB pool for 2012 will be: Boller, Brees, Campbell, Clemens, Dixon, Edwards, Feeley, Garrard, Grossman, Hill, L. McCown, Orton, Quinn, Redman, A. Smith, Stanton, and Young.  One would believe that Brees will be resigned by the Saints, and based on the way he’s playing, Alex Smith will be resigned by the 49ers.  A few backup QBs will be picked back up by their teams, including Feeley, Grossman, Hill and Redman.  This leaves Campbell as one of the top 3 FA QBs, along with Garrard and Young, and will probably be the second one signed, possibly going to Miami, Denver or Kansas City.

Time will tell, but you’ve got to feel sorry for Campbell, he finally starts putting it together and boom, broken collarbon, but the game is a business and he’s on the wrong side of it right now.

Poor little Lionel Richie.




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