NCAA Continues to Look Foolish


NCAA has done it again, ignored the obvious and made an example out of something stupid.  Apparently the reason that Boise St. WR Geraldo Boldewijn has missed the first four games is because he was allowed to borrow a car to make it back and forth between practice and day to day activities.  Which, you know, is fine when someone buys you a Lexus, Mustang, whatever, and hands you the keys to say “have this man”, but this, this is different.  Geraldo solely borrowed the car temporarily, not only that, but this is the car:

A 1990 Toyota Camry with 177,000 miles on it, worth oh probably a grand or two at MOST (I’m not good with car estimates).  Boldewijn had to pay $700 to charity in benefits as part of his reinstatement, ridiculous.  The guy made no money off this and doesn’t have anything to pay other than scholarship funds, this is an example of NCAA knowing that they’ve been inconsistent about their calls, and deciding they finally want to bring the hammer….but this was the wrong time and case to do so.  You maybe give him a warning, especially if he’s not a repeat offender, and tell him he’s got to return the car, but you don’t suspend him THEN make him pay.  Ridiculous.

NCAA needs to find a new way to enforce the rules or change them, because they’re constantly being broken, and every day we’re seeing how common and easy it is to get buy these ridiculous bylaws.




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