Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 1 and 2 are in the books, and we really don’t know anything other than the fact that Green Bay and New England are the two best teams in the league.  Everyone else is in a huge cluster that’s yet to be settled.  We’ve got the Lions, Bills and Redskins at 2-0, and the Vikings, Colts and Chiefs at 0-2, which goes to show that once again, we know nothing.

With all that said, it’s still fun to juggle teams around on the Power Rankings board and see where they land.  These rankings are based on teamplay so far and potential, these are of course going to change week to week, so don’t throw a fit if your favorite team isn’t where “they’re supposed to be” it’s still early.


I don’t know what’s happened to them in between that 10-6 AFC West crown last year and Week 1 this year, but it’s a huge difference. Rumor has it Haley has lost the locker room (not good), and if that’s the case, wipe your hands clean and start over in 2012.


We knew that without Peyton Manning they would be bad, but I don’t think any of us really understood how bad they would be.  This entire team is built around him, including the defense, which is built to play from a lead.  It’s going to be rough this year no matter who they bring in, but I bet Kerry Collins wishes he was chillin at home with that Wild Turkey.


Tarvaris Jackson may finish the season with just over 1000 yards.


Maybe the switch to Luke McCown was Del Rio’s way of saying “bruh, I want out”


This team needs help, I don’t know at what point Sporano lost control of things in Miami but it happened and happened quick.  That’s not to say that he lost the locker room, but at some point the team just fell apart.  Should’ve made that trade for Orton.


That’s twice now that this team has let a team comeback and steal a victory.  They’re in the running with the Niners for team most likely to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


They don’t look bad at 1-1, McCoy playing solid but still has a while to go, and Peyton Hillis keeps the offense afloat.  Once the defense finds some solidarity Pat Shurmur may take this team somewhere…….3rd place.


If Tebow has to come in  because you don’t have enough receivers it’s time to sign some receivers.


St. Louis is like the group of misfits that came together and just started messing things up for everyone.  The Rams are a decent team, and Sam Bradford has proven himself worth that #1 pick if for nothing other than his toughness.  They’re only real competitor in the NFC West is Arizona as Seattle can’t manage any offensive output and Alex Smith will remember he’s Alex Smith down the line.


but for now, Alex Smith has amnesia.


Kevin Kolb brings this team back from the grave they almost got buried in when the gloved-one left.  Beanie Wells is running like he did at Ohio State and Larry Fitzgerald is re-energized.  They may not dominate, but they’re pretty much a shoe-in to win the West and if they get hot, watch out.


I’m going to act like I don’t see Andy Dalton out there balling.  Need to get a little more consistent all-around, and they’re probably not going to make it far, but they’ll surprise a few teams.


Yes, they’re 0-2, but if they would add some balance to that offense they would probably be 2-0…or at least 1-1.  Cam Newton has played lights out, but if you have the two running backs the Panthers have, why are you letting your Rookie QB throw 30-40 times? Balance.


Talk about a complete turnaround from Week 1 as the offense went from looking real sluggish to looking beyond efficient.  Hasselbeck can lead this team to a few surprise wins and may be able to help them compete in this downtrodden AFC South.  Not crowning them anything after one good week, but just being decent may be enough to surprise the Texans.


Eli’s receivers made him look better than he played Monday Night, if he keeps this up they won’t even smell the playoffs.


Despite blowing a huge lead, Hue Jackson seems to have the team headed in the right direction.  Little Lionel Ritchie is slowly but surely reviving his career, and as long as the Crypt Keeper doesn’t decide to fire Jackson out of nowhere, the development will continue.  You may think I’m crazy but they have a pretty simple path to win the AFC West.


I don’t think Romo’s toughness was ever a question, it was his play in the 4th quarter that everyone wonders about.  Yes, it’s wonderful he beat the 49ers, and yes, he did it with a punctured lung (dangerous), but it still doesn’t erase his previous track record.  Take care of the Redskins next week and you’re in charge of the NFC East.


They haven’t looked good at all the 1st two weeks although the defense looks much improved.  Matt Ryan is constantly under pressure and has been prone to make bad decisions when pressured, they better hope that line gets their starters back before long or it could be a long season.


Never seen a team come out flatter after a huge win like the Ravens did last week, they made Tennessee look like a playoff team…..wait



Josh Freeman is the second best QB in this division, and that’s saying something.


They got stomped last week by Baltimore, but they came out ready to play this week.  Seattle isn’t a real test though, more like that practice test the teacher gives you that has all the answers on it….and when the real test was exactly the same >>>>>>>>


They will only go as far as that line holds up.  Keep Cutler on his feet and you have a chance to win games, keep putting pressure in his face and he goes all Evil Jay Cutler who just throws to the other team…..at least Vandy’s 3-0….


I don’t care if they lose 14 straight. For two weeks Rex Grossman won. We have all lost.


This offense is one of the best in the league because their QB is slowly creeping up to be one of the best.  The only real questions on this Bills team are their depth at WR and their secondary, if they can somehow patch those things up they could possibly sneak a win or two against the Jets and Patriots.  Only time will tell……they probably won’t be Top 10 next week.


Protecting Michael Vick is the key to this team’s success, like the Bears before them if they protect him, he will win.  They better hope Kafka is as good as advertised though.


I still don’t believe in Sanchez and probably never will.  This team will only go as far as this defense allows them to, it took a Tony Romo meltdown and Luke McCown to get them to 2-0.  Don’t take that stomping of the Jaguars as anything other than a warm-up.


Philip Rivers makes this team, this secondary has questions that need to be answered.  As long as they don’t slip up early (like they usually do) they will take this division, leaving the Raiders in the rearview.


Defense got lit up like a rocket against Green Bay….I mean, I know it’s Green Bay but that defense was getting slapped.  Looked better against the Bears, and as long as they play like that they’ll probably win the NFC South.  The offense is always going to be consistent.


TELL ME THEY AREN’T.  When Stafford is playing this team averages 24+ points per game, and as long as Megatron is outwide nobody is safe.  The defense is swarming and opportunistic, don’t turn the ball over if you don’t want to find yourself climbing an insurmountable deficit against them. They’ve outscored their two opponents 75-23 (20 of those points came from Tampa).


Quietly, they’re one of the most balanced teams in the league with or without Foster.  They’re going to coast and quietly sneak into the playoffs due to a weak division, but you do not want to see them when Schaub and Johnson are in sync.


The only thing keeping them from being #1 is the fact that everything they’re achieving is all being done by Tom Brady.


They’re the defending Super Bowl champions and haven’t shown any signs of slowing down.  Got a scare in Carolina, but you’re going to see that happen to a lot of teams.




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